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Watcha CRAVIN?

It's CHIC'N Time!!!

Best Fried Chicken in Richmond
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Premium Chicken Sandwich

Cravings Cured

Craving your favorite comfort foods? If you're ready to experience the ultimate flavor adventure, then CHIC'N & BEER is just what you need. We've got an awesome selection of delicious hand-breaded chicken tenders and potato wedges, and wings that will knock your socks off - but we don't stop there! Quench your thirst with a few refreshing beers on tap while experiencing our fun motto: "It's Chic'n Time!" Don't miss out - swing by for one tasty treat after another.

Late Night Eats

Enjoy a little taste of heaven at our chic'n fried spot! We've got an unbeatable lineup that includes wings, chic'n & biscuits, and the CRAVINS we can't live without. Get your late-night cravings taken care of with some delicious comfort food – plus atmosphere to keep you buzzing all night long.


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CHIC'N & BEER spread its WINGS!

Looking for a tasty new experience? Look no further! CHIC'N & BEER is a newly opened restaurant in Richmond, VA by CHIC'N CRAVE and has spread its wings around the corner at 1800 E. Main St., serving chicken tenders, biscuits and wings using only the freshest ingredients. Our dishes are made with love and care to give you a great tasting and unique experience every time. See you there! Time's ticking -- It's Chic'n Time!! Chicken and Beer Richmond!